Acura Jewel Eye Headlights

The now iconic Acura Jewel Eye headlights are a brilliant evolution over standard halogen or even HID headlights. Five LEDs per side each provide a brighter, whiter beam of light and use less energy than standard headlights.

How Do Acura Jewel Eye Headlights Work?

In the low beam setting, three LEDs at the outer end of the headlight are precisely arrayed at different angles to evenly illuminate the road and surroundings without blinding oncoming traffic. When the high beam setting is activated. the inner two LEDs are engaged and add illumination of distant objects. Acura’s Jewel Eye® LED headlights provide a distinctive look in daylight as well, where the low-power LEDs operate as glowing daytime running lights (DRL) and precision cut lenses and reflectors give off a jewel-like glimmer.

Jewel Eye® LED headlights are standard on all new Acura models. To see the Acura Jewel Eye headlights up-close, or to experience more exciting Acura technologies, contact our showroom to schedule a test drive.

Red Acura MDX with Jewel Eye Headlights

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